I AM …




Hi! I’m Nicole. I was born a writer – and just like you – a multidimensional being of Light. I write to connect people with God/Source, to empower you through connection to your own Divine spark within.

Through Reiki, Divine Grace, Sacred Silence, connection with Angelic beings, and many other healing methods, I have gradually and gratefully awakened to the voice of my Soul.

The time is NOW for all of humanity to stand together and usher in the new era of Heaven on Earth. Spiritual forces are here to help us — more Light beings, Ascension activities, new vibrations, and celestial events than ever before — but we each must choose to take action… to be courageous enough to stand in our Light through Love and Service until ALL of humanity wakes up!

It is my honor to share my path and these tools with you so that we can all truly remember and live in our I AM Presence.

Together, we will build a powerful community that stands in a place of Truth, Gratitude, and Integrity.

Let the journey begin!


A Quick Note on Language: While I try to be as clear as possible, I often use words like “Source,” “Light beings,” “Ascension,” and others that are ways to describe what is commonly known as God as well as the experiences that occur as I continue my spiritual journey. One day I may write a dictionary of all such words, but until then, if you have questions, feel free to comment under the specific blog post or use the Contact form to reach me.