Awake Fire Community


One of the biggest challenges on my healing journey has been the feeling of isolation… not having friends and family to discuss my expansion with or simply feeling afraid of sharing my Authentic Self due to fear of criticism or disbelief.

No one should have to do their Ascension Journey alone. 

While it’s true that there is no separation and we are intimately connected to the Divine… that there’s a whole league of Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, and Ascended Masters cheering us on as we grow into NEW Earth, we also came here for the human experience of friendship, bonding, and sharing.

The Awake Fire Facebook Community is a PRIVATE, MEMBERS-ONLY GROUP, where you are free to share, grow, and shine your light.

This is a safe and sacred space where everything posted or shared within this group stays within the community.

I also value your time and commitment to being here, so the content shared in the Awake Fire Community will remain exclusive, as in, only for current group members to enjoy.


4 Weekly Energy Transmissions: Posted on Mondays via pre-recorded video, audio, or infused energy photos that you can access anytime through the Awake Fire Community page on Facebook. Members will also have access to the previous months’ transmissions.

Higher Mind Sessions: 3rd Friday of every month at 7pm EST

Relax, tune in, and connect to your Higher Truth in this 45-minute distance healing session designed to intimately connect you to your Higher Self. In these sessions, we:

– Release what no longer serves

– Set powerful intentions in accordance with your own Soul and You-niverse

– Attune your awareness so that you can more easily hear your inner guidance

You can choose to sit or lay down in a quiet space to connect more fully with the energy. However, regardless of whether you are consciously tuned in or not, you will receive and release exactly as your Soul guides. (Please note: Those who sign up AFTER the 3rd Friday of the month will begin with the following month’s Higher Mind Session.)

Throughout the month, you will also receive… Light Language Transmissions, Andara Crystal Activations, and Inspiration to keep you fired up!

Sign up here:

(Use the link and type in your subscription amount.)

One month trial: $29 (For those paying monthly, your subscription will remain active for 30 days, after which you will need to manually renew via the link above.)

Three-month subscription: $78 (Save 10%)

Six-month subscription: $148 (Save 15%)

Just use the link here:
and type in your subscription amount.

*IMPORTANT* To access the group and full members’ benefits, you must have a current Facebook account. After you submit payment, please request to join the group here:

While I do my best to respond quickly, please allow up to 24-hours for your join request to be approved.

I look forward to being of service in even more awesome and expanded ways. See you soon! ❤