Divine Healing Services


Image infused with Divine Healing Energy. Sit and soak it in.

GRACE BLESSINGS: This loving Source energy can be sent for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing as well as for healing specific situations and locations. Strong and loving intentions are always set for your highest and greatest good. The energy is sent as I am guided… sometimes this includes working with specific Angels/Spirit Guides, Andara crystals, speaking Light Language, or simply sitting and sending the energy towards your intention.

Sessions are available by appointment only, and can be done in-person in Sedona, AZ or by phone/Skype.

As an added bonus, you will receive an E-book copy of the transformative book, “The True You,” before your session. This book is filled with Grace Blessings and will GREATLY assist you in keeping your vibration raised.

Prior to your session, you will also have the opportunity to send me your intention. There is nothing you need to do to receive, though you may want to sit or lay down to connect more fully. Drink plenty of water before and after the session and especially in the following days, be sure to give yourself the love and care that you need. This might mean more rest, time in nature, eating different foods, or time out to process any emotions that may arise. (Journaling is great, too.)


“Thank you so much, Nicole. The Light Language energy work was awesome. During our session I felt relaxed and at peace. Safe. In the days since I’ve found the issue of procrastination not only changing but also new insights have come to me as my awareness grows toward a steady willingness to meet challenges head on. Again thank you for helping to remove the blocks that have kept me “spinning my wheels” for so many years.” — Pat, Intuitive Life Coach

“WOW!!! I have never had such an emotional release in my whole life. That was amazing!!! I saw the most intense colors of purple, garnet, red, and mostly pinks. At one point it changed to green. I cried through most of the healing; it opened me right up especially in my heart. I saw the Divine Mother and she held me in her arms and she told me to OPEN, OPEN, OPEN and I felt my heart being lifted up into the Light. As I was lying there I saw myself being showered with the red rose petals ( my mom died in July 2015 and her favorite flower was red roses ). Amazing, Nicole. The lavender blue; I am a Blue Ray from Lemuria and every morning and every evening I put on Lavender essential oil and I don’t leave home without it. I also felt an opening in my throat chakra which I really needed; My sinuses opened up and I feel like I can breathe now; I also have mild asthma. I sensed at first that you were working on my root chakra; I Felt that was why I was seeing the colors I saw. Oranjina was sitting next to me during the healing and in the end she presented with the kitten and said, “Mom this is your  DESTINY.” I felt like you were in the room with me during the healing and I could feel the warmth of your hands on my shoulders. At the end of the healing I felt a BIG HUG. WOW, I am still integrating all of this; It’s amazing how spot on all of this is. THANK YOU SO MUCH NICOLE. I will be calling you in the future for a healing for sure. I feel at Peace right now; I can’t say it enough; you have such amazing and powerful energy!!!” — Becky


“That was an amazing experience! I definitely felt something. Also, things in my environment “magically” aligned themselves so as not to disturb me for the exact amount of time needed (including integration). SO COOL! Forgot to tell you… it is so interesting that Archangel Michael came in to help today. I have asked for his assistance with finances many times, most recently just a couple of days ago. I’ve been searching for words to describe it, but I feel like I’ve been through an evolution to another level. And now I’m in a process of integrating it all. I’ve known these things intellectually, but today I TRULY felt them for the first significant time. I’ve been surrendering and releasing, and it’s like it all finally clicked. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” — Erin S.

“Wow, Nicole, my Distant Healing Session was amazing. I am blown away….speechless. So deep and loving. You are so talented and I love the energy and messages that came through for me. THANK YOU. The debriefing is so detailed and beyond helpful. I feel very light and almost sleepy. You mentioned lots of red and yellow in the debriefing and I see lots of red and yellow throughout my house, including the only remaining flowers I have of a bouquet. Interesting that you saw a flamingo as I just put two metal ones in my flowerbed just the other day because I like pink. You are spot on about the laughter hiding sadness, mostly in family situations…. Thank you for clearing my Chakras and giving me the phrase, “I am balanced. I am aligned. I turn my heart to the Divine” to use every day to clear my Chakras. I love the vision of “quite the goddess” and about radiating youth and beauty as that has been my focus for some time, being ageless. Since this session I have been coughing which is not surprising because of the work you did on my throat Chakra, definitely clearing out stuff. I still need to process all of this but thank you for clearing the way for me. Much love to you.” — Patti

Access the Divine Within!

1 hour: $150

SALE! 3-Session Package: $450 Now $375 (Sessions will be delivered as three separate 1-hour sessions.)

You will be contacted by email to schedule a date/time after payment is received. Please use my contact form form or email sendnicole.nelson@gmail.com so I can send you payment details. (Sorry, I only accept PayPal at this time.)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Grace Blessings or any of my Divine Healing Services are not meant as a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or other types of care that you may need. It is your responsibility to use your best judgment as to which treatment option is appropriate. Divine energy may bring up emotions and stuck energies that have been hiding beneath the surface. This is part of the process, but it does require your full presence and awareness. Always be gentle with yourself and honor your needs at all times. Unfortunately, refunds are not available as the energy begins to work as soon as you book your session. Submitting payment constitutes your full understanding of, and agreement to, these terms.