Healing x 100

Dear Friends,

Amidst current events it sometimes seems that there is no end to the pain and suffering on this planet. On a personal level, despite our efforts to change, many of us still struggle with things like lacking money to do what we love, having a hard time with our family and extended relationships, and even physical pain and illness caused by stress and disharmony.

While things may look (and feel) rough on the outside, I know in my heart that much of this turmoil is leading towards MASSIVE transformation, both on personal and global levels.

My life mission is to use my healing gifts to assist in this time of change. 

What does this mean? Simply, that I am committed to using my energy and intention towards being one of the many Lights who shower Love upon the Earth to support the Earth and all of humanity. As part of this Divine plan, I have been inspired to offer 100 BLESSINGS to those who feel a heart call to receive healing at this time and/or to send love to support humanity and our planet as a whole.

Each Session Includes:

  • 15 – 20 minutes of personal healing
  • Focused intention setting, assisted and amplified by Divine Grace


  • A FULL 24 HOURS of energetic support where you are held within this powerful field of Love, during which time you will receive exactly what your Soul wishes you to receive and/or release.

I have been guided to make this as affordable as possible so that all who wish to may receive. As such, I am holding the cost at just $44.

Use this link to sign up: Healing x 100

Once you register, you will be placed on my healing list to receive a personal Divine Mother Blessing — a gentle, loving energy that will be sent to you via distance healing within 24 hours. Like the Divine Mother herself, this energy is often described as being soothing and peaceful, like being held in the arms of Source!

Due to the large volume of people who will be taking part and the extreme discount of this service, I am not setting appointments for these sessions. However, I AM setting the intention that as soon as you sign up this energy will begin to support you and your intentions, continuing throughout the ENTIRE 24-hour period surrounding your session. This is an opportunity to have an extended, direct experience of the Light of Source/God which already exists within you!

Suggestions: Feel free to set an intention or focus to direct this energy towards. You may also choose to set aside some time within this 24-hour period to meditate, sit, or lay down to more fully connect with the energy you are receiving.

Join me and bask in the Love and the Light that we Truly ARE! Together, let’s weave a web of Light that is greater than any forces of darkness on this planet!

Use this link to sign up: Healing x 100